Jaap Crezee

Software Engineer

Per direct
8 uur/week
110 euro


Available for Freelance C, C++ & Python (embedded) software development


22 jaar
6 jaar
5 jaar
2 jaar
Visual Basic
1 jaar
Dit wordt berekend aan de hand van onderstaande werkervaring.


Partner @ GoodStaff

dec 2019 – Nu  ·  Leiden

Partner, investeerder GoodStaff richt zich op software development, testautomatisering, Linux/Unix engineers en Middleware specialisten. We hebben ervoor gekozen om een geweldige set van arbeidsvoorwaarden te bieden ipv een dure management-laag en overdreven overhead-kosten. Lean and mean maar vooral professioneel. Het nieuwe, transparante detacheren.
Software Engineer
Het Internet Huis Freelance

jan 2019 – Nu  ·  Putten

Develop R&D IOT/connected devices prototype software. Thingsboard, Python, IOT, TTN, dashboard, Hiber, Lora
Linux/embedded Software Engineer
HTC parking & security b.v. (#Speedgates, #Xentry & #Pevac) Freelance

apr 2016 – Nu  ·  Waddinxveen

Embedded Linux, Buildroot, iMX6, Python, Azure, OTA/firmware updates, CICD, Git
Azure Python

dec 2015 – Nu  ·  Putten

Investment, mostly in existing companies (SMEs/MKB), crowdfunding. Both stock and bonds. I can also work on development projects for a reduced rate in return for stock or bonds. Funding Circle, Crowdaboutnow, Investormatch, Kapitaal op Maat, Geld Voor Elkaar, Symbid, Greencrowd, SamenInGeld, Jungo, Duurzaam-Investeren, Eyevestor, Voor de groei.
First Lego League - Ocean Odyssey

jan 2005 – Nu  ·  Rotterdam Alexanderpolder

At the First Lego League I was responsible for organising the judges team which were judging the competition participants.

jan 2000 – Nu  ·  Putten

Building your next IOT/OTA management platform. For more (technical) information, inquiries or a demo, please contact us. Contact: jaap at jcz dot nl Our system: Firmware updating is our core business; Linux IOT device firmware A/B full image updates; Secure, automatic and nightly/continuous integration tested; Reference firmware implementation based on open/vanilla components; Buildroot, OpenEmbedded, Yocto, OpenWRT: we don't care; Cloud-agnostic backend system; Responsive management UI; Easily programmable HTTP(s) REST API interface; New devices connected within 1 day (*if supported by mainline/vanilla kernel); Non-mainline devices within 2-5 days (*if common industrial device); Complete system online including backend, configuration and devices within a week; Microcontroller firmware updates planned in the future; Keywords: Linux, DeviceTree, opensource, crosscompiling, GCC, Mingw, Cygwin, OpenOffice, Samba, VirtualBox, Rsync, Jenkins, Hudson, Data Center, Vagrant, IPv4, IPv6, BOOTP, routing, iptables, firewall, SSL, Apache, Nginx, lighttpd, OpenVPN, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, Docker, Software Raid, Recovery, U-Boot, BusyBox, Buildroot, Subversion, Git, Graphviz, Dot, MPlayer, Python, Bluetooth 4LE, C, misra, C++, GoogleTest/gtest Google Test Framework, QT, QTCreator, IOT, OTA, Yocto, Bitbake, Crosstool-NG, Java 8, Java ARM, QNX, Green Hills INTEGRITY, RTOS, VectorCAST, ARMv7, DTS/DTB, QEMU, EFI, UEFI, Firmware/flash encryption, curl, libcurl, wolfssl, Django, Angular, 1wire, w1-gpio, ADS1115, ADS10xx, SIL1, SIL2, SIL3, SIL4, Linux (kernel) debug, gdb, functional safety, Machine learning, Octave, AI Hardware/boards: UP-board (Intel Atom), various iMX6, Freescale iMX6 Sabrelite, Chip-9$ computer, Pine64, Beaglebone Black, RaspberryPi, RaspberryPi B+, RaspberryPI zero, RaspberryPI 3, BananaPI, Intel Edison, Intel Quark/Galileo2, Soekris, Iboard Ex, NodeMCU devkit 1, Radxa Rock Pro, Arduino, TI SensorTag
Angular Apache C++ Django Docker Java Nginx Python
Software Engineer

jan 1998 – Nu

Embedded Software Engineer
Green Hills Software

nov 2015 – dec 2019  ·  Leusden-Centrum

Embedded Software Engineer
Embedded Linux engineer
Strukton Systems

apr 2014 – dec 2019  ·  Hengelo

Supporting the customer with embedded Linux knowledge. Cross-compiling (gcc native, gcc arm, mingw), BSP development, Software Design, Buildroot, ARM, TI, Freescale, vanilla kernel/userland, OTA, firmware updates, production firmware flashing
Embedded Software Engineer
Innr Lighting

sep 2013 – apr 2019  ·  Hilversum

Keywords: Linux, Opensource, C, C++, C++11, Node.JS, Crosscompiling, Rsync, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, IPv4, IPv6, TLS, BOOTP, (JN)5168, Nginx, U-Boot, BusyBox, Buildroot, Git, Avahi, Zeroconf, Bash scripting, CGI, UPnP, lighttpd, uhttpd, Configuration Management, Release management, Production and Test environment, Jenkins, DevOps, IOT (internet of things), OTA, firmware updates, production firmware flashing and automation. Activities: Building custom BSP (Board Support Package) for custom hardware based on standard board. From low-level bootloader to HTTP(s) webserver, including failsafe-proof updating mechanisms. Roles: Software Engineer, Software Designer, Consultant Hardware/boards: Beaglebone Black, RaspberryPi
C++ Nginx Node.js
Embedded Linux/Software Engineer

apr 2014 – dec 2018  ·  Den Bosch

Keywords: Linux, DeviceTree, Opensource, C, C++, C++11, QT, BSP, JSON, Buildroot, Crosstool-NG, Configuration Management, Release management, SaltStack, GPRS/UMTS, Bluetooth, Bluetooth 4LE, WiFi, Barcode scanning/scanner, CMake, USBProxy, Bluez5, HTTP, REST, Docker, NodeJS, Beaglebone Black, Intel Edison, Intel Quark, Intel Galileo, TI-AM33XX, TI-AM43XX, Technexion EDM, Freescale iMX6, OTA, firmware updates, production firmware flashing. Activities: design & implement new hardware platform, fail-safe update infrastructure, backend-frontend integration
C++ Docker Node.js
PLC/Process automation software engineer
Sintrum IT

nov 2014 – okt 2015  ·  Staphorst

Keywords: PLC, Process automation, C, C++, Git, JIRA, Bugzilla, Robotica, Robotics, Realtime, Bachmann Solution Center Activities: Bugfixing in and appending new functionality to existing robotic products Roles: Software Engineer, Software Tester Hardware: Bachmann M PLC series, Kobler encoders, Argo Hytos oil valves, Jumo sensors
Support Engineer
iolar fotografie

jan 2009 – dec 2013

Interactive (flash) panorama systems, panorama-CMS, php development, phpBB migration from 2.x to 3.x Layar integration
Payenz B.V.

jun 2012 – aug 2013  ·  Amsterdam

(Embedded Software) Engineer Keywords: Linux, Opensource, GNU, cmake, boost, C++, realtime, embedded, ARM, cppcheck, doxygen, cdash, ctest, unittest, stdc++, VirtualBox virtualisation, qemu, Bugzilla, MediaWiki, buildbot, Performance (call-)graphing, Memory-performance analysis, OTA, firmware updates, ISO 8583, TLV, PKI Scrum with Ontimenow (software) Roles: Software Engineer, Software Design, Software Tester, System administration Supervising trainees
Technical Support Engineer
Axians NL

apr 2011 – jul 2012  ·  Capelle aan den IJssel

24/7/365 hardware & software support services, standby services, VMware VSphere, VMWare ESXi, Nagios monitoring, Application Virtualisation Role: Helpdesk, Technical Support Engineer, Network Administrator, Hosting Engineer
Interactive (Web enabled) Software Engineer

jul 2010 – jul 2012  ·  Medemblik

Development of interactive website to enable photographers to upload newly created panorama pictures. The system can then be used by news agencies to publish these pictures into there content-cms or other automated systems. Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Apache, machine 2 machine (M2M), Flash, XML, CMS, Authentication, Email notifications, Imagemagick, KRPano Roles: Software Engineer, Website designer, Photographer, System administration
Apache MySQL PHP
Embedded Software Engineer
Euphoria Software

jun 2011 – jun 2012  ·  Tilburg

Development of Car computer device for usage in Taxis. Used for registration of trips, working hours; used as legal evidence. Keywords: Qt, C, C++, Cross-compiling, Gcc, Mingw, MSVC++, Boost, OO, Linux, ARM, ISO7816 smartcards, Realtime, Embedded, CDash, CMake, CTest Roles: Software Engineer, Software Designer, Software Tester
Software Designer
Imtech ICT Technical Systems

mei 2006 – jun 2012

Embedded software engineer, keywords: Linux, gcc, c++, QT, Boost, realtime, ARM, embedded, design, debug, targetdeployment, update, packagemanagement, rpm, Jira, Bugzilla Roles: Software Engineer, Software Designer
Peek Traffic

jan 2007 – dec 2008

Linux, C, C++, OO, Realtime, Embedded, OpenSource, Cross platform development (Win32, Linux), ARM, PowerPC Roles: Software Engineer, Software Designer, Software Tester
Software Engineer
Peek Traffic

jan 2006 – dec 2007

Design, implement, test and integrate realtime embedded (linux) software like kerneldrivers, userspace applications and tooling, and supporting field engineers with these products. Roles: Software Engineer, Software Designer, Software Tester
E.Novation Business Networks bv

jan 2005 – dec 2006

At E.Novation Business Networks I have created embedded software inside a gps-tracking device for machine2machine communication using an efficient transfer method for transmitting the data over the air.
(Embedded) Software Engineer

apr 2005 – mei 2006

Design, implement and test R&D (Linux) software for track-and-trace functionality.
Student Assistent
Hogeschool Rotterdam

mrt 2003 – mei 2005

Supporting teachers and students with lab-classes ICT.
software engineer
Precision Technics B.V

jan 2001 – jan 2003

Development of Visual Basic software to translate C++ sources.
C++ Visual Basic
Software Engineer
Unit 4 Software

jan 1998 – jan 2001

Unit 4 Software BV - Accountancy software.