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Lead iOS Developer

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Vanaf April 2023 ben ik op zoek naar een iOS opdracht in de Randstad.


Ever since I was a young boy I've been fascinated by computers. I was that little kid hacking away at his Commodore 64 in his bedroom. No wonder I ended up taking the Artificial Intelligence route at the TU Delft.During my career as a software developer I've always had a focus on the web. Sites, apps, content management systems, api's, mass mailers, frameworks, I've build them all.Today my focus has shifted to mobile. I'm working on the crossroads between apps, data and api's, resulting in some awesome projects.


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App Developer
Software Architect
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Backend Developer
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Lead iOS Developer (freelance)
Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport

jan 2021 – Nu  ·  Den Haag

Developed the CoronaCheck apps: - Holder with all the vaccination and test QR-codes - Scanner to verify the QR-codes
App Developer CI/CD Firebase HTML iOS Objective-C Swift
Senior iOS Developer (freelance)
Landelijke Meldkamer Samenwerking

mei 2020 – Nu  ·  Utrecht

In association with Accenture Interactive Amsterdam I'm creating a new app for the Landelijke Meldkamer Samenwerking (112)
App Developer Firebase iOS Swift
Freelance App Developer
Rool Productions

jul 2011 – Nu  ·  Scheveningen

Creating apps for mobile and tablet platforms. I've worked with the iOS-SDK since version 6, know Objective-C, Swift and some Android, know the inner workings of Xcode, have deep knowledge about various architectures like MVC, MVVM, Clean Architecture. I can handle myself as the sole developer, I love to work in scrum / agile teams to create awesome stuff. Dedicated, focused, reliable team member.
App Developer iOS Objective-C Software Architect Swift
Senior iOS Developer (freelance)
Nationale Politie

apr 2018 – mei 2020  ·  Utrecht

In association with Accenture Interactive Amsterdam I'm creating the newest apps for the Dutch National Police. All apps are written in Swift 5, using Git Flow, autolayout, Clean Swift, MLKit, MapKit, IGListKit, Firebase, Carthage, Unit testing, UI Testing, GitLab CI/CD Pipeline, Sonarqube and automated release through TestFlight. All apps have an extreme focus on accessibility.
App Developer Firebase iOS Swift
Co Founder

aug 2015 – apr 2018  ·  Rotterdam Alexanderpolder

I developed an online platform to connect photographers with interesting events and vice versa.
Apache Backend Developer Frontend Developer MariaDB MySQL Wordpress
Chief iOS
Always Hello

okt 2014 – mrt 2018  ·  Rotterdam Alexanderpolder

In a world where people are constantly on the move, keeping track of contact data is rapidly becoming a major challenge. Valuable connections are lost just because your contacts get new phone numbers, email addresses or change home address. With Always Hello you always have the correct contact data at your fingertips, a pleasure especially when doing business. I build the iOS app almost from scratch, started out in Objective-C and migrated to Swift. It uses public / private key encryption (RSA), symmetric encryption (AES), hashing (BCrypt), push notifications (PushKit), Google Nearby for bluetooth and ultrasound communication, animation, autolayout, CoreData with background threads, OpenSSL, JSON, anonymous tracking, MVC, MVVM and universal links. Created a complete Continuous Integration street via Jenkins & HockeyApp for automated unit test, UI-tests and nightly builds and releases to the AppStore. Backup SysAdmin for Amazon AWS and Docker. Worked in international agile scrum sprints with remote teams in Bulgaria, Belarus and Serbia, managed and mentored junior iOS developers.
Android Apache App Developer AWS Golang iOS Objective-C Software Architect Swift
iOS Developer (Freelance)

aug 2017 – nov 2017  ·  Alkmaar

Helped the guys to meet some tight deadlines and eliminate lots of bugs in their white-label communication tool. Worked with PromiseKit, IGListKit, PureLayout and AutoLayout, sockets, sqlite and private cocoapod frameworks in both Objective-C and Swift.
Objective-C SQLite
Urban Photo Collective

sep 2009 – dec 2016

shoot. share. socialize. Besides a member of the Urban Photo Collective, I've been responsable for the development of its website.
Founder & Technical Director

aug 2012 – dec 2015  ·  Rotterdam Alexanderpolder

Rediscover your social favorites.
App Developer Software Architect
Mobile / iOS Developer

jan 2013 – feb 2015

You hear it everywhere, Mobile This, Mobile That, Mobile First. So I'm gonna focus on mobile development at Mangrove. Expect some killer apps soon!
Senior Developer

apr 2002 – dec 2012

Lead developer of pH8, Mangrove's CMS Lead developer of Snapper, Mangrove's Online Collaboration Tool Co-developer of nearly two hundred websites.