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Senior Software Engineer

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Creative, business-minded software engineer mainly focusing on mobile applications with strong understanding of Javascript / React Native (and other cross platform development solutions). Experienced in complete mobile development life cycle, believing in proactive measures to make sure applications are predictable, safe, secure and most importantly providing business value. As a software engineer with strong ambitions, my goal is to make sure that the solution fits your needs.I am a self proclaimed polyglot that believes not in learning languages but in learning concepts – taking the first principles approach to software engineering. I have been developing software ever since I was 11, while it is my livelihood, it is also my passion that makes me happy one semicolon at a time.


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App Developer
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Senior Mobile Developer

okt 2019 – Nu  ·  Amsterdam

Developing mobile solutions using React Native, instigating change for improvements to the way of development with the value added for customer as the end goal. Dealing with scrum master responsibilities. Worked on some additional projects in the Backend as well utilising .NET Core and GraphQL.NET that I cannot disclose. My Leaseplan: Working on the application for My Leaseplan, working on the change necessary and the planning for multi-country release and development schedules, managing the complexity of an application with many different requirements for different situations and making sure that the systems are coded in a way that allows flexibility. Stack: React Native, Redux, Redux Saga, Typescript, Objective-C, Java
Android C# .NET Docker Firebase iOS Java Javascript Kubernetes Objective-C PostgreSQL React React Native Swift Typescript
Software Engineer
Digital Insurance Group

dec 2018 – sep 2019  ·  Amsterdam, North Holland Province

Developed applications for the insurance industry using React Native, worked in architecting and developing an in house React Native toolset for future projects. Zurich Connect: Worked on a major refactor and facilitation of the project, to ensure that the application works well enough and can be released. Stack: Javascript, React Native, Formik, Redux, Redux Saga
Android iOS Java Javascript Objective-C React React Native Swift Typescript
React Native Developer

jun 2018 – dec 2018  ·  Netherlands

Developed applications using React Native mainly, helped clients and worked on maintaining some applications. Projects worked on; New York Pizza: Worked on a React Native application from scratch, to order and list with extensive custom order capabilities. The main challenge has been the heavy animated api usage for the different-than-usual views the application had. Stack: React Native, Javascript, Redux Slimming World: descriptionProvided maintenance for the application as part of a team for their current application. Stack: React Native, Javascript, Redux Mediamonks Ski Application: Developed an application for internal use from scratch using React Native. Stack: React Native, Javascript
Android iOS Java Javascript Objective-C React React Native Swift
Freelance Software Engineer (freelance)
CRESCO Technologies

dec 2017 – jun 2018  ·  Amsterdam

I have worked with different clients on a freelance basis under the name CRESCO Technologies. The projects developed at the time are; Crypto Arbitrage Calculator: Developed a crypto arbitrage calculator between different crypto exchanges, based on current price, price to make a buy/sell operation and any other fees. This project has been given by a group of crypto investors, as such it is solely for their internal use. The main challenge has been making a real-time system from multiple different crypto exchanges. Stack: ReactJS, C#, ASP.NET Web API, Dapper, Docker, Javascript Mediastreamer: Developed a mediastreaming box for lossless music with high end amplifiers, using C/C++ with foobar2000, nodeJS, mongodb, socketio and raw sockets for the box and and react native with socketio for the tablet controller for it. Stack: C/C++, NodeJS, MongoDB, SocketIO, WINSOCK, React Native, Javascript
Android C C# .NET C++ Docker Firebase iOS Java Javascript MongoDB Node.js Objective-C PostgreSQL React React Native Swift Typescript
Project-Based Freelance Software Engineer (freelance)

dec 2017 – jun 2018

These are the client projects that have been developed for various clients. Freelance in this instance is "project based work", as in I've worked with different clients' projects and delivered them without any other oversight / on-site requirements. JokerMenu is an application in the food industry that allows you to order your food before arriving at the restaurant nearby, and having it already ready for you. One of the key challenges of this project has been developing a complete wrapper around the BKM Express and handling the payments there (a Turkish payments provider). Stack: React Native, Javascript, mobx, Objective-C, Java. Rent & Travel: Rent and Travel is a mobile application which allows you to rent an apartment for your travels, and upsells you several things such as car rentals. It was done using Firebase and React Native. I've started working on it as a consultant and as need be, worked on coding critical parts of the projects such as payment processing via iyzico. Stack: React Native, Javascript, Firebase, Objective-C, Java HonestFarm: HonestFarm is an application which brings farmers markets, what they have and their schedules to your phone. I worked as a freelance in the project and helped mainly with the mobile aspect of it. Stack: GraphQL, Apollo and React Native w/ Expo SDK. Byte - Crypto Price Tracker: Using React Native for frontend and NodeJS for backend with Firebase as a shared data storage developed a cryptocurrency price consuming / tracking application for a client. Stack: React Native, Javascript, Firebase, NodeJS Claw: Claw is an mobile application designed for fun, allows you to challenge your friends and your extended circle to vote for said challenges. Stack: Javascript, React Native, Firebase
Android Docker Firebase iOS Java Javascript MongoDB Node.js Objective-C React React Native
Software Engineer
House of Apps

nov 2016 – dec 2017  ·  Istanbul, Turkey

In House of Apps, I've worked extensively with React Native. Also, working on managing / leading projects, managing client expectations and guiding them through the tech, working on mentoring people to get them up to speed with React Native. Projects I've worked on; TradeExchange: TradeExchange is a marketplace for verified trade alerts. We've provided support and completion to the project, on both mobile and backend. Used technology stack was Python for backend with web2py, and Cordova with VueJS on mobile side. Stack: Python, Javascript, VueJS, web2py TatilBudur: Developed the next version (2.0.0) of TatilBudur.com's mobile application, a major hotel, tour and flight aggregator. (Sort of a Turkish Expedia). Stack: Javascript, React Native, mobx Milliyet Emlak: Milliyet Emlak is a leading real estate aggregator. During the project we have created a new mobile application using React Native. Stack: React Native, Javascript, mobx Cargo Funnel: CargoFunnel is a mobile application which allows you to manage several marketplaces (n11, gittigidiyor etc.) in one single app. Stack: Javascript, React Native, mobx
Android Cordova Django Firebase iOS Java Javascript Node.js Objective-C PostgreSQL Python React React Native Typescript Vue.js
Software Engineer
Nomad Commerce

mrt 2016 – sep 2016  ·  Istanbul, Turkey

Worked at Nomad Commerce to develop an up-and-coming startup application: Shopsurf (later renamed to TrendMap). Shopsurf is a shopping aggregator which allows you to do location based shopping and get notified on deals special to you. Main technology at first was iOS Native later React Native. .NET was used mainly as backend to be changed later into NodeJS. Stack: NodeJS, ASP .NET Web API, Objective-C, Javascript, React Native
Android C# .NET Firebase iOS Java Javascript MongoDB Node.js Objective-C PostgreSQL React React Native
Software Engineering Intern
Yildiz Technical University

jul 2015 – aug 2015  ·  Istanbul, Turkey

Developed image processing applications for NVidia CUDA. Image Processing Toolkit is a kit that uses NVidia's CUDA technology to process images using various algorithms such as k-means, gaussian filter and such. It was done as part of my first internship. Stack: C/C++, CUDA
C C++
Research Assistant
Yildiz Technical University

feb 2014 – feb 2015  ·  Istanbul, Turkey

Worked on a mobile focused (Android) research project. Ran tests to see how sampling rates of hardware and software sensors, where data is being recorded to affect the battery consumption and developed an application to serve this need. Developed an Java/Android project called Sensor Supervisor for this reason. Sensor Supervisor was a project to allow us to gather data on various sensors with sampling rates, and data save locations to inspect the relationship between these variables and battery consumption.
Android Java