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Inteqnion is specialized in the design, build and installation of automation for the batch and continuous controlled process industry. Our strength is asset management and improvement. We help our clients to cut costs, reduce risk, improve results and to optimize the performance of the assets. Our people want more than just meet your needs: it is the challenge to exceed your expectations. Inteqnion offers you: • Design & Engineering • Build and installation MCC & PLC panels • Software engineering PLC & SCADA • MES application Batch Explorer • Service, support & training • Turn Key installations Inteqnion has extensive experience with a global track record in the grain-processing and compound feed industry and handling of bulk goods. In addition, we operate in various other markets. From small to large production sites. With smart and innovative solutions we strive for the best performance in your sector. We help you to perform more efficiently and to maximize your ROI. Inteqnion is an European leading company for electric control and process automation for premix plants, feedmills, pet food plants, cereal processing plants, flour mills, concentrate plants, hammer mills, mixers, micro dosing units, silos.
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