Raptim Humanitarian Travel

Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Voor dit bedrijf is helaas nog niet duidelijk hoe de inhuur geregeld is. Dus waar worden de opdrachten uitgezet en hoe gaat dan het reageren in zijn werk, weet jij het?
Raptim Humanitarian Travel is now Key Travel Key Travel simplifies travel complexity for the humanitarian, education and faith sectors. Our commitment to innovation has helped our clients overcome the complexities of their unique travel requirements for over 38 years. We use our market expertise, technology and sector-focused products to anticipate traveller needs and simplify the booking process, delivering a tailored travel experience. This enables travellers to accomplish their goals of supporting, healing and educating people worldwide. We support organisations with both individual and group travel needs. Whether you require a single flight, a flight with hotel and car, or have a complex faculty-led study abroad trip, we provide the convenience of a single source for all travel arrangements.

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en professionals zichtbaar.