Rolf van Dam Development

Freelance Python (Django) / Node.js / React developer

I build complete web platforms using i.a. Python/Django, NodeJS and React. I have more than 9 years of professional experience with Python (and Django in particular). I can build you an application from the ground up or add functionality to an existing codebase. I work for an hourly rate from my office in Heemstede (Amsterdam area, Netherlands). The most recent projects I've done are: - A web form building platform called MateForm (NodeJS/React) (own project) - A chatbot platform for Joboti (Django/React) - A security monitoring system called MataCSM (Django) - A project management system called Implementation Analyzer for Implementation IQ (Django) My stack usually consists of the following: Django (Python) / NodeJS React / MobX (UI) PostgreSQL / MySQL / MongoDB (database) HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript (ES5, ES6) / JSX Git (version management) Apache 2 (modwsgi) Debian or Ubuntu Supplemented by: Flask Docker webpack / Babel Bootstrap en JQuery redis / RabbitMQ (interprocess communication) Django REST framework (DRF) Supervisor Django CMS Elasticsearch Celery virtualenv C/C++ (for time or resource critical components) scikit-learn (machine learning) NumPy/SciPy (number crunching) TensorFlow



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