Auction Software Company BV

The best software for all auctions

We are developing and hosting auction software since 1999. Our aim is to be the best partner for all companies who ran auctions as an auction company of as a part of their business processes. Our auction expertise started in 1977 and we have not stopped developing our knowledge and know how. We offer our software as a SaaS solution in several cloud options. When you work with us you can concentrate on the lots and the buyers. The software is continually updated and new functions are added. We believe, our software is never finished, it always can be improved. The same counts for our services. Each year our customers auction millions of lots in all imaginable products and services. With bidders from all five continents. The yearly combined turnover is over € 200.000.000. Our customers are located in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Oceania. Almost everything you can think of has auctioned, from CO2 emission certificate to fresh cheese, from old-timer cars to new air planes, from over stocks to liquidations, from fresh fruits and vegetables to electricity. Our new web service makes it much simpler to link to all kind of ERP, administrative software and other third party data.

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