We are experience architects. With behavioural design and data we build customer experiences that people connect to.

We are Liftov. Experience Architects. We help companies build customer experiences that connect to people. Because a great experience makes your business perform. We use a unique method based on behavioral science, design and data. The Behavioural Engagement Model. Because behaviour is key. You want people to act. Buy. Learn. Work together. With our approach you can start influencing that behaviour in a methodical and practical way. Resulting in an experience that just feels right. We work for large clients such as ING, Nike and ABN Amro. But also for exciting start ups such as SafeDrivePod and Mobietrain. Always at the intersection of behaviour, technology and design. Do you have a challenge? Wondering if this approach would work for you? "Liftov has given our service a positive vibe, that's highly recognisable. We love Clive, the host, he has become an important carrier of our brand. The way 'don't text and drive' has been transformed into 'let's prevent accidents together' is powerful. This is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from our clients and users." Paul Hendriks, Founder SafeDrivePod "With an experienced party like Liftov, we have been able to create a great game for the EY Learning Experience. It has positively influenced our way of thinking and our team mentality. Involvement and appreciation has been high. We see its effects daily. We are already looking forward to the next edition." Joost Waals, Partner EY "The close collaboration between our educational experts, the researchers from Radboud University and the design and development team from Liftov was great and productive. Leesturbo has become a beautiful game, built upon an evidence-based concept with a significant learning effect that students love to use." Annemieke Smits, publisher at Zwijsen

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