Reviva Groep

De ultieme klantreisleverancier.

Logistics and Supply Chain
Voor dit bedrijf is helaas nog niet duidelijk hoe de inhuur geregeld is. Dus waar worden de opdrachten uitgezet en hoe gaat dan het reageren in zijn werk, weet jij het?
Each contact with a customer is a special event. Reviva is your guarantee of satisfied customers. Development is ongoing, thanks to IT colleagues in numerous countries and an excellent distribution network. Both literally and figuratively. We remotely translate every sales or service target into an efficient and customer-friendly approach on behalf of our clients. From the customer's wish right down to the "last mile", Reviva Group gives control of the customer journey. Our service is all about giving each customer a little extra. Exceeding their expectations with our unique services. A comfortable online experience, and excellent Last Mile. For every product and any service. Technology forms the basis for the best customer experience, and is the core of our company. Our advanced systems direct the customer journey. Reviva designs and develops software for customer requirements, integrating it in any existing system.

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en professionals zichtbaar.