Opticon Sensors Europe B.V.

Information Technology and Services
Voor dit bedrijf is helaas nog niet duidelijk hoe de inhuur geregeld is. Dus waar worden de opdrachten uitgezet en hoe gaat dan het reageren in zijn werk, weet jij het?
Opticon is a specialist manufacturer of scanning solutions, digital signage, and electronic shelf labels. Since 1976 Opticon has led the way in pioneering automation technology and was one of the first companies in the world to specialize in barcode scanning equipment. Since that time Opticon has evolved into an international supplier of high-quality, automatic identification equipment with an extensive portfolio of leading organizations. Opticon has continued to display great innovation with their product range breaking the mold from conventional Auto ID manufacturers. Most recently, the range is complemented with electronic shelf labels and digital signage. Opticon designs and manufactures its products in ISO9001 certified facilities, and observes international standards of quality, safety and environmental protection. Opticon is a worldwide family of companies consisting of OPTOELECTRONICS Co. Ltd (Japan), Opticon Sensors Europe BV (Netherlands) and Opticon Inc. (United States).
De stack wordt bepaald aan de hand van de werkervaring van professionals en de opdrachten die geplaatst zijn op het platform.

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