UMC Utrecht

Samen verbeteren we de gezondheid van mensen en creëren we de zorg van morgen.

The University Medical Center Utrecht is one of the largest academic healthcare institutions in the Netherlands. We provide the best healthcare for today’s patients, and we also work towards a healthy society in the future. Our organization has three core tasks: care, research and education. Care for patients and employees Every day, we devote ourselves to providing adults and children with the best possible care, based on their specific needs and wishes. But we also care for our 11,000 employees. Because they have the knowledge, experience and expertise that we need in order to continue improving the care we provide. Our values Our mission is to continue to be a leading international institute. To achieve this, we ensure that: • We are involved and committed; • We constantly innovate and never stop learning; • We work together and take responsibility. Preserving the highest level of care Our scientific research is based on the world around us. Together with national and international partners, we invest in innovation and research in order to keep the care we provide at the highest level. Focus is essential, which is why we have selected six priority areas: • Brain • Infection & Immunity • Circulatory Health • Personalized Cancer Care • RM & Stem Cells • Child Health

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