One of a kind Tracer Compliance and Accreditation Software

Hospital & Health Care
Voor dit bedrijf is helaas nog niet duidelijk hoe de inhuur geregeld is. Dus waar worden de opdrachten uitgezet en hoe gaat dan het reageren in zijn werk, weet jij het?
QTracer help you make measurable progress in meeting compliance challenges and quality & safety improvement by speed and confidence in measuring, driving employee engagement in quality improvement and enable health professionals to be pro-active, leading to better quality and safety of health care. QTracer is a powerful web-based solution designed to standardize, automate and track your tracer audit activities. It allows nurses and staff to be proactive and contributes to improving the quality and safety of care and patient experiences in real-time, in a practical, efficient and cost effective way. • Create various dashboards • Set up multiple quality standards • Attractive and user-friendly app • One centralized application The tool can be applied to various forms of internal auditing as quality rounds, tracers, inspections, checks and self-assessments for both health care and industrial manufacturing environments and is already being used by different organizations. It works proven effective for JCI and ISO 9001accreditation.
De stack wordt bepaald aan de hand van de werkervaring van professionals en de opdrachten die geplaatst zijn op het platform.

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en professionals zichtbaar.