Wij bouwen met gemeenten aan een moderne en betrouwbare informatievoorziening voor burgers.

Social services in the Netherlands have launched an offensive with the aim of improving service provision towards customers. This can be done by reducing bureaucracy and working in a more customer-oriented manner, amongst other things. ICT plays a crucial part in this. The most noticeable initiative in this area is that taken by the four largest Dutch municipalities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. The social services of this G4 have joined forces to form the cooperation Wigo4it: an acronym for the Dutch words Werk, Inkomen, G4, voor Informatietechnologie, which mean work, income, G4, for information technology. Within the context of the Work and Social Assistance Act (Wwb), the G4's combined social services are responsible for a third of all people entitled to benefits. Wigo4it also provides support in the health-care policy area.

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