Predictive cueing

DOK Predictive Motion Cueing GmbH - Next generation motion cueing algorithms for human-in-the-loop simulators

Predictive cueing is a high-tech startup developing next-generation "Motion Cueing Algorithms" for human-in-the-loop simulators. Human-in-the-loop simulators allow humans to drive a virtual vehicle through a virtual world long before the conceptual vehicle is physically built, enabling safe and cost efficient development of novel systems. The human should experience realistic visual and physical motion cues to feel completely immersed in the simulation. Currently, the realism of the physical motion cues is low, especially in driving simulators. The lack of realism often leads to simulator motion sickness: it is no exception that up to 50% of all simulator runs in a single experiment are aborted due to sickness, constituting a large waste of time and money. The physical motion of a simulator cannot be identical to the physical motion of the virtual vehicle, because the simulator can move only a few meters, while the virtual vehicle moves many kilometers through the virtual world. The transformation of the vehicle motion into simulator motion is done by a “Motion Cueing Algorithm”. Our technology, a “Model Predictive” motion cueing algorithm, entails a big step forward in the realism of simulator physical motion cues. The essential elements of our technology are: 1) a highly accurate model of the simulator including its physical limitations and 2) a prediction of the future actions of the human inside the simulator using artificial intelligence. Based on the prediction of future events, our algorithm calculates the best possible simulator motion that just fits within its physical limits; improving realism and reducing motion sickness.



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