Firely provides all the software, training and services you need to bring FHIR to life. We also run FHIR DevDays.

We have been involved in HL7 FHIR since day one, and have been contributing to the standard ever since. Our team of FHIR-passionate developers is responsible for maintaining the official open source .NET SDK for HL7 FHIR and Firely Server (formerly Vonk), our FHIR server. We created the leading profile authoring tool Forge and are the driving force behind the FHIR platform We spread the word by offering FHIR consultancy, by giving FHIR training courses and by organizing the yearly FHIR DevDays Amsterdam and FHIR DevDays USA. Firely. 100% FHIR dedicated.

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en freelancers zichtbaar.