Connecting supply chains

ChainPoint helps companies, alliances and scheme holders with software and services facilitating chain information management and supply chain collaboration in the field of amongst others: Sustainable Sourcing, Supply Chain Monitoring & Mapping, Traceability, Supplier Assessment, Audit- & Certificate Management, Brand protection and Product Story Telling (consumer communication). In today’s supply chains collaboration is one of the biggest business opportunities; being part of a good organized value chain means you can cope with contemporary challenges like traceability, sustainability, transparency, (food) safety, product quality and –authenticity and impact analysis. ChainPoint is used in some of the most complex supply chains spanning tens of thousands of suppliers and subcontractors. Organizations including Univeg, RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy), GMP+ and the Better Cotton Initiative rely on ChainPoint for better insight into and control over their supply chains and products. Formerly operating under the name Chainfood.

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