Wij zijn PostNL en we hebben iets voor je.

We are PostNL, an essential link between the physical and the online world. We have the largest network for letters, parcels and e-commerce in the Benelux countries. Our combinations of smart networks and digital applications enable us to provide our clients with valuable solutions. We live in a world where digital applications play an increasingly large role in our daily lives. These services develop very rapidly. We put our resourcefulness to good use to constantly think up new ways to connect senders and receivers. As the first listed postal company, we are an example to the rest of the world in automatic letter sorting. And our innovative parcels network is completely adapted to the wishes of web retailers. Outside the Netherlands, we are active in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. PostNL employs a total of approximately 50,000 people.


Logistics and Supply Chain

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