Movements Group B.V.

New Movements maakt slimme oplossingen voor bijzondere en alledaagse cases in de branches ‘Health, Mobility en Energy’.

In our rapidly changing world, Movements Group focuses on technological innovation leading to socially relevant sustainable products and services in many areas. The pragmatic method aimed at research, development and market approach leads to tangible results in many parts of society taking both people and their surroundings into account. Innovations by Movements Group are used daily, on a large scale and internationally. Activities focus on several markets and associated situations, where both software and hardware can make the difference. However, the main focus is on the energy, mobility and care sectors. Movement Groups consists of three independent companies. The company MG Labs focuses on research and development. When proven suitable, MG Craft builds solution, following the specifications developed by MG Labs, into tangible results ready for the market. Then MG Foundry lays the foundation for the company with which to conquer the market. In doing so, MG Foundry continually consults with MG Labs and MG Craft to secure the intended result. Together with clients a team of fifty researchers, developers and freethinkers ensure the conversion of creative experiments into reliable and high-quality products and services. A group of involved shareholders, all competent in the field of development of ventures, marketing and innovation, provide direction to the values-driven organisation of the Movements Group.


Information Technology and Services

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en freelancers zichtbaar.