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Our passion: the brand relationship We have one big passion: the coexistence of brands with their consumers. This coexistence has been known to take on many forms. A warm embrace. A trusted relationship. Living apart together. And at the moment, the rediscovery of each other. Consumers have always influenced each other. But today, the online social networks that connect them have speeded up this process considerably. Suddenly docile consumers took their lives and their relationship with brands in their own hands. Brands no longer are in control, they no longer choose what, where, when and how they communicate through traditional media. Today consumers use new media to discuss product experiences, brand values, advertising, all kinds of business aspects, and so on, without any input from the brands whatsoever. Suddenly millions of web authors (the consumers) are generating brand communication: they post opinions and above all, they find each other to be the most credible. Brands and consumers have become somewhat estranged. But consumers are not tired of their brand. On the contrary even! But this time they want a real relationship, in which they also have something to say. Brands have understood that they can no longer unilaterally dominate the relationship; they need to open up their brand and let consumers choose whether they want to be part of this experience. And that precisely happens to be our passion: build a meeting place where brands can meet their fans.


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