Frans de Wit International B.V.

logistics of chemicals, both liquid and gases

Frans de Wit is an independent Logistics Service Provider of chemicals and refrigerant gases. The family business was founded in 1979 by Frans de Wit. In 2011, his son Lars took over the baton full of enthusiasm and with great ambitions. From the beginning our company has been providing the logistics of refrigerant gases and liquid chemicals in tank containers. Since then, our activities have been expanded to a one-stop shopping company for our national and international customers. Our business operations We aim to achieve healthy and sustainable business operations, and competitiveness in the markets. Because we work with hazardous substances, it is essential that we meet strict requirements: safe: no risks to employees, third parties, property and the environment; high quality: consultation with customers, solution-oriented and well-trained people who always go the extra mile; sustainable: socially responsible and sustainable financial results; fair: ethical, mutual respect, honest business, compliance with laws and regulations; social: open, transparent, respect for people and for fundamental rights



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