Impact with IT!

Making a difference to society drives us. Truly making an impact with IT. And while we think it's the most normal thing in the world, it does make working for Topicus very, very different. Every day, millions of people use our products. - IT solutions that genuinely benefit healthcare, education, the financial sector and the social domain. In all the areas where our tech know-how can help, we try to give citizens control, increase their self-reliance and reduce their vulnerability. To this end, we transform complex issues and technology into user-friendly tech platforms and products. We do this from Deventer, our hometown, where we are developing our own Topicus Campus, but also from Zwolle, Utrecht, Dodewaard, Groningen, 's Hertogenbosch, Leiden, Wageningen, Gouda and even in Vietnam and Romania. But our ambitions extend even further. We explore markets inside and outside of Europe. And thanks to over 1,000 'Topicans', a merger with Total Specific Solutions (TSS) and a listing on the TSX, we have the innovative drive and strength to realise our growth ambitions. Our aim is to become smarter every day. To get better and to develop our skills. We do this through our Development Compass, the Topicus University, guilds, the coaching pool, the Topicus Technology Master and great events. As we serve multiple markets, we have access to a wealth of knowledge, experience and tools. We like sharing our expertise also with people outside our company! Whether it's through our annual developer conference TopiConf, meet-ups, guest lectures or our social content. Check for yourself what our Topicans have to say!



Information Technology and Services

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