Stichting RINIS

RINIS verbindt. Namens publieke organisaties verzorgen we digitale gegevensuitwisseling, in Nederland en internationaal.

RINIS connects! RINIS is a hub for fully-automated electronic data exchange in the public domain. RINIS is an acronym of Routerings Instituut (inter)Nationale InformatieStromen (the Routing Institute for National and International Information Streams). RINIS is an independent non-profit foundation serving the participating organizations. RINIS has been described as a secure highway for data traffic. RINIS has been enabling organizations to exchange data quickly, reliably and safely since 1996. The foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, while the participating organizations (sectors) constitute a Supervisory Board. Each sector can delegate a representative. The Supervisory Board ensures that RINIS continues to focus on the interests of the participants, and draws up policy plans, annual plans and budgets. Benefits of RINIS - Quality improvement of the processes within Competent Institutions - Administrative reduction measures in the Public Domain - Reductions in operational costs - Prevention of fraud The principal activities of RINIS are: - Supply chain automation - National Access Point for Europe - Database system - Portals for citizens and businesses

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