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Voor dit bedrijf is helaas nog niet duidelijk hoe de inhuur geregeld is. Dus waar worden de opdrachten uitgezet en hoe gaat dan het reageren in zijn werk, weet jij het?
Every day, Epona enables thousands of professionals to focus on what they do best, by optimizing business processes through first-rate IT products and consulting services. Established in 1993, Epona is a leading software consulting and productions company operating out of Rotterdam, Düsseldorf and New York. Servicing several industries and hundreds of organizations since its establishment, the company has proven sustainability and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Epona assumes a holistic approach in offering clients optimal service for their IT needs. From design and development to the selection and final deployment of business solutions, our consultants collaborate directly with clients to ensure all organizational objectives are realized. All our work is aimed at delivering superior quality and value for our customers. Epona also offers a diversified portfolio of custom and packaged software. Products such as Epona ContactManager and DMSforLegal, which have a firm foundation in the professional services market, attest to these facts.
De stack wordt bepaald aan de hand van de werkervaring van professionals en de opdrachten die geplaatst zijn op het platform.

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en professionals zichtbaar.