Dennis Bruijn

Full-stack consultant

  Zwolle · 7 september 2020 lid geworden

Ever since I was a little kid software development has been my passion, at first I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do in the field but when I wrote my first lines of code and executed them something “clicked”. From there on I pursued my career in software development with a focus on web. Now, eight years later I’m a T-shaped programmer with a broad interest in micro and cloud-architecture, mobile apps, and UI/UX design. Over the years I’ve worked with a handful of companies in various roles from back-end developer to platform architect and everything in between. I have an eye for detail; I’m inquisitive, a team player, and always striving to reach my goals. I love to coach others, see them grow, and try to reach their full potential. -- A self-labeled geek that liked to go to conferences, organize meetups, always ready for the next technical challenge! I’m an expert in JavaScript (TypeScript, React, Gatsby, Next and NodeJS) I can work with React Native, Angular, Ionic and Electron, I love to host my projects on AWS, view designs in Figma and improve my applications based on data from e.g, Google Analytics.


App developer
Back-end developer
React Native
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