Olivier Verhoek

Scrum Master | RTE | Agile Coach

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40 uur/week
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Voor de start van het nieuwe jaar sta ik open voor opdrachten als RTE, Agile Coach en SM in en rondom Amsterdam.


My mission is to build autonomous and high performing teams. I believe in lean agile organizations with accelerated business value as result. Continuous development is a foregone conclusion for me. Both at individual, team and process level. I will bring order to chaos by applying structured implementation of proven techniques and by making people think in order to make them move. In my teams you see the growth of the people and achieved team goals. Doing the right things that contribute to the higher goal. From a helicopter view I keep an overview and provide boundaries. I use scrum in combination with kanban, scaling frameworks, agile values, agile principles and lean principles. I am clear to my team and trust them to give substance to how they want to achieve the objectives. And I encourage collaboration and take responsibility by being an example in this. In these roles I can take the stance needed. Servant leader, facilitator, coach, manager, mentor, teacher, impediment remover and or change agent. As a coach I guide fellow team members with various issues related to career; in the current function or a next step. I can empathize with the person, but I am also clear and dare to confront the coachee with himself. Because of the safe environment that I create, colleagues open up to me. I get happiness from #BizDevOps #CI/CD #HighPerformanceTeams #BusinessAgility #BDD #TDD #LiberatingStructures #PersonalGrowth #IntrensicMotivation #RuthlessImprovemt #SystemsThinking Loves challenges as Scrum Master, Agile Coach, RTE, Product Owner or any surprisingly nice job that will help me in my mission.


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Scrum Master
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Back-end Developer
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Scrum Master

jan 2021 – Nu  ·  Den Haag

Scrum Master
Scrum Master
Ahold Delhaize

mrt 2020 – Nu  ·  Zaandam, Noord-Holland, Nederland

Creating an environment where agile leadership can work and active as Scrum Master for 2 Albert Heijn commerce teams. The teams are working on Oracle Mulesoft and Outsystems. Proud of - Create an environment where developers can be independent en multiskilled - Change agent for the organization during digital transformation - Coach team members in personal and professional journey - Setup and facilitate test guild (Chapter Lead) - Setup and facilitate CI/CD guild (Chapter Lead) - Hiring the right people - Running PI events - Simplify Jira - Configure Roadmunk
CI/CD Oracle Scrum Master
Scrum Master
Pon Automotive

aug 2019 – Nu  ·  Leusden-Centrum

For the brand sites and sales tool I have been appointed to let the current Scrum teams function better. These teams work on beautiful websites for different brands (including Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi, etc.). Focusing on a new product sales value stream to get it to a well-scaled agile level and to ensure satisfed stakeholders and well-functioning teams that get the best out of the product and themselves. Bending the organization in the agile way of thinking and working make for a great challenge for me at Pon automotive. Proud of - The growth of the teams in their agility - Improved focus on continuous learning and improving - Coaching the product management of the different teams on how they can do better stakeholder management - Work done on the agile roadmap - Coaching the teams - The Kanban practices we included in the scrum team - Getting OPS team integrated in the scrum team - Coaching RTE - Running PI event
Scrum Master
Scrum Master
T-Mobile Nederland

jan 2018 – Nu  ·  Den Haag

For the Value stream CRM Olivier is scrum master of 3 distributed (India and NL) Salesforce teams and 1 ready team. As coach also helped the system team in their work with the scrum teams. Working agreement and mindset. Proud of - Making SalesForce the master (CRM replacement) - High performance teams - Replacing the RTE several times - Starting the SAFe program layer - Multi‑skilled developers - PO‑SM‑team - The initiative to hire Frits Dekker to form the leadership team of the VS (Later the ART) - PI Planning days - On and off‑line program board - My trailblazer experience - Helping in testing where possible
Salesforce Scrum Master
Scrum Master
Sociale Verzekeringsbank

jan 2017 – Nu  ·  Amstelveen

Scrum master of 2 AM Social department teams called MAF , 1 Agile transformation team and 1 PGB website team. MAF teams consisting of 9 each team members with the same Product Owner. A team with front-end and back-end developers, a tester, DevOps engineer and the Product Owner. The teams develop MAF, which stands for Modernization AxW Front-end. The MAF teams created new AngularJS-based screens that connect to the unchanged back-end of the AA system (AOW, AKW, ANW, etc.) system. They thus supplied, among other things, the new screens for Project vAKWerk. Proud of - Performing Scrum master activities for 4 teams on a daily basis, such as facilitating scrum ceremonies, removing impediments, facilitating and coaching the development teams, Product Owner and other stakeholders. - Increase the involvement of the two MAF teams. - Agile and Scrum involvement increase within the SVB as well as visibility of the Scrum masters, by, among other things, an active participation in the Scrum master department.
Back-end Developer DevOps Engineer Front-end Developer Scrum Master Tester
Freelance Scrum Master | RTE | Agile Lead (freelance)
VRHK Consultancy BV

dec 2016 – Nu  ·  Amsterdam

Scrum Master
Scrum Master
Gall & Gall

jan 2016 – Nu  ·  Zaandam

This is an assignment at the biggest liquor seller in the country (gall.nl). Olivier is scrum master of the loyalty and e-commerce teams. That recently have moved from scrum to kanban. Dev-ops components like continuous integration are being introduced, as a result velocity has increased. Test coverage has been set to a level where all feel good with, besides the already great unit test coverage, behavior driven development for the functional acceptance test has been introduced. The development process with this included has higher quality as a result. Proud of - DevOps scrum teams - DevOps kanban teams - Feature testenvirontment(Docker) - Automized acceptance tests(BDD, Behave) - Monitoring (Dynatrace -> New Relic) - Continues integration / delivery (Dev to prod) - Incident management (webuser to devops team in 2 steps)
CI/CD Docker Scrum Master
Chain Test Consultant
Ahold Delhaize

nov 2015 – Nu  ·  Zaanstad

Chain test(er) coordinator "Delivery Control Tower (Track & Trace)" at the biggest (online) supermarket of the Netherlands.
Test Automation Consultant
Stichting Pensioenregister (SPR)

sep 2015 – Nu  ·  Amstelveen

Olivier has collaborated on testing and testing automatically with the preferred supplier. With good collaboration delivery dates with the intended quality was achieved. Together with my colleagues we extended the functional coverage with maintainable solotions. Tools * Parasoft SOA Test * Source Tree * GIT * BitBucked
Scrum Master

nov 2013 – Nu  ·  Diemen

As a scrum master Olivier was responsible for software changes in the "Business & Wholesale" systems. This is an order a street with interfaces to external and internal systems for indoor and outdoor Tele2 solutions. Olivier stood out as positive Challenger, looking for solutions, flexible, strong personality, motivated and full of energy. He worked both independently and in a team. In 2 years Olivier carried out the following activities in an open, non-hierarchical and unconventional culture with a dynamic and sometimes hectic environment. Activities • Develop internal / external interfaces and customize web pages. • Reviewing and recommending solutions to the Product Owners. • Customer2customer solutions provide constant improvement creations. • Closely work with the team and jointly seek solutions, both high architectural and code level. • Owner of chain user stories and aligning with the team in another scrum teams. • Coaching of all roles in the (distributed) scrum teams. • Sparring partner for all roles in the scrum team. • Determining and monitoring the testing methodologies and technologies. Always with an eye on quality and cost awareness • To determine test strategy within the system but also the entire chain. Proud of • Transferred the manual ALM testsuite to and QTP • A vision of Continuous Integration (CI) put down so there were stories to the final releases with automated unit tests and QTP test development can go to production. • Implementation of minimal documentation in Confluence • Implementation of a way of working within scrum of scrums (SOS). Tools Clarify CRM, QTP, ALM, Jira, Confluence, Sonar Cube, AppDynamics and Jenkins.
CI/CD Golang Jenkins Scrum Master
Scrum Master

sep 2013 – Nu  ·  Capelle aan de IJssel

In the last months Olivier got the opportunity to work as scrum master. The goal to up the moral and as a result to get increased productivity. Coaching sessions and a better fitting implementation of scrum helped a lot.
Scrum Master
Test Consultant

jun 2012 – Nu  ·  Capelle aan de IJssel

At a large purchase and sale business Olivier worked as test leader. Responsible for the quality at a big buying and selling program. This program was build to connect the different parts of the organization to the new processes.This to replace the green / black screens. Olivier was given the task to monitor the quality of existing software through test automation (Selenium). The quality of the test process has been improved by creating templates, to introduce test automation and to ensure that the test scripts have been generalized. The advantage was that the test specialists could focus on the exceptional situations. In addition, the quality of the overall testing process had to be increased. Also various stakeholders wanted testing insight of the progress (TestLink, Zephyr).
Test Coördinator

okt 2011 – Nu  ·  Den Haag

At KPN Olivier was coordinating and testing two projects in the field of corporate customers. Witness tests and trial tests (dry runs) were conducted. Olivier played a role on behalf of KPN demand QA towards IT Suppliers (Levi9 among others) in the Value Business program. Olivier had to analyse the test work. This to get the experience in test analysis and test execution. Main task was to challenge the work of the supplier in a positive way. Tasks: • Assess and challenging the suppliers test plans (in collaboration with Quality Manager) • Participate in (and in some cases facilitating) review of project documentation • Participate in (and facilitation in some cases) Risk Analysis sessions • Preparation and implementation of Witness Testing at the Suppliers • Managing Suppliers nav progress reporting (in cooperation with quality manager) • Organize and facilitate in performing User Acceptance Tests • Where needed prepare and implement FAT & SIT in ONE domain • Reporting on progress, quality and risks to the quality manager • Support and replace quality manager absence.
Testleader chain testing
SNS Bank

apr 2011 – Nu

Agile tester
SNS Bank

okt 2010 – Nu

Test & Quality engineer
Delta Technology

aug 2010 – Nu

Test Coördinator

mrt 2010 – Nu  ·  Amsterdam

Test coördinator
Delta Lloyd

sep 2009 – Nu

Test & Quality Engineer
Delta Lloyd

aug 2009 – Nu

Alfam Consumer Credit

okt 2007 – Nu  ·  Bunnik