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Front-end UX/UI developer

  Utrecht · 15 januari 2020 lid geworden

Specialties: - Usability and User Experience research (short user testing, heuristic evaluations, expert reviews etc.) - Interaction design with methods like mind mapping, paper prototyping, wireframes and mockups - Web development Create quick prototypes with: - HTML5 - CSS3 or a CSS-preprocessor (ie. SASS) - Javascript (React, Angular)
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Front-end developer
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UI Designer / Frontend Developer
Noordhoff Uitgevers
jan 2019 – okt 2019  ·  Utrecht
The goal of Noordhoff for this project was to launch a new primary education platform, where teachers could view the growth and results of their students and students themselves would have the materials to learn and grow. My role in this project started with UI design and development and shifted very soon to UX Design. With many UX issues on the current platform, we collected the mistakes that was made and created many wireframes and hi-fi prototypes that could improve the current situation. We teamed up with UXKids, they provided us a UX research method to validate these designs. The research gave us a lot of good feedback to work on, but still I missed something which I could not describe in the frist place. With that feeling hanging around I started asking people in our team, ‘why do you do what they do?’ and ‘why do we as Noordhoff do what we do?’. Their answers gave me a good indication that we are missing the bigger picture, a vision that everyone shares. My last task of the project was help shaping the vision for Noordhoff primary education. We had great design sprints, with various teams working on different aspects. Some worked on the teachers needs, the pains and gains and another team did the same for the students. I worked on the team that had to visualise the growth of students for a teacher. It’s great to see the value of design sprints that could help shape the vision for Noordhoff primary education. In a side project I teamed up with a front developer to create the foundation of a design system for Noordhoff. The goal was to create a visual language that is understood and can be of use by different departments. My job was to create UI guidelines for the primary education platform and also create the very first component that can be used as an example for other components. Storybook + React was used to maintain the design system and its components.
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