Temper is a digital marketplace where clients place shifts and FreeFlexers build a profile to sell their services.

Human Resources
Voor dit bedrijf is helaas nog niet duidelijk hoe de inhuur geregeld is. Dus waar worden de opdrachten uitgezet en hoe gaat dan het reageren in zijn werk, weet jij het?
For clients: What is Temper? Temper is a platform where logistics, retail and hospitality companies can find FreeFlexers. You place for example a shift where you are looking for a kitchen assistant or someone in service. You determine the hourly rate yourself. This is a minimum of € 16,- including € 3,- for use of the platform. FreeFlexers then sign up for this shift. You select the professional with the ideal profile based on their skills and assessments. Why is Temper useful for you? - Quickly deploy manpower in the event of illness or bustle. - Build a flex pool of FreeFlexers that you are satisfied with. - Because FreeFlexers sign up for shifts on their own initiative, they are extra motivated. Who else participate? Temper has only been around since 2016 but is growing fast. More than 10,000 companies already work with Temper, such as Budbee, DeLaMar Theater, Kurhaus and JP Haarlem. More than 100,000 FreeFlexers have now registered on the platform. So there is always someone available for your shifts. For FreeFlexers: Work wherever and whenever you want Via our platform, you can work as a FreeFlexer in the hospitality, retail and logistics. You can decide for yourself where, when and at what hourly rate you want to work. Do you have an exam week or a birthday? Then you don't work at all. You can choose for yourself at which shifts you respond to. Get paid well and quickly You earn an average of € 17,- per hour, taken over all shifts. Every week 8,000 shifts are placed online, so there is always something for you. Get involved in service, work as a chef, become a seller in a store or collect orders in the warehouse. The money will be in your account within 3 working days. Ka-ching! Join the movement and determine your own work rhythm, just like 100,000 other FreeFlexers. Check www.temper.works for more information.

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en professionals zichtbaar.