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Leading Courses became a company in 2012 and our aim was to help golfers to find and play golf courses throughout the world suited for them and to identify hidden gems in each country. This has always been and will always remain our main objective. Nowadays Leadingcourses.com is Europe’s largest community platform by and for golfers. With currently 400K monthly visitors, inspired by over 385.000 reviews of golf courses worldwide. Leading Courses has expanded its orientation platform with the option of booking tee times at golf courses in many European countries. Leading Courses connects a growing community of golfers to a worldwide growing number of golf courses. For the golf courses this means more (national and international) reach and revenue, valuable insights (trends / reviews) and opportunities for digital and e-commerce solutions . *** Our WHY, HOW and WHAT: WHY? We empower friends and loved ones to enjoy high quality experiences together and share their insights with a like-minded community. HOW? We create a community of golf lovers who help each other to create a transparent, qualitative and complete overview of all golf courses in the world. WHAT? We provide an online platform for golfers which helps them to choose, book and share their next golf experience to support other golfers. We are a marketing platform for golf courses to gain valuable feedback and attract additional income. Leadingcourses.com - Find * Book * Play * Review

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