Simply finding the best!

EclectiC - simply finding the best! Selecting the best candidates for our customers and the best assignments for our IT professionals. Our way of working: >personal approach< : We take the time to build personal relationships. We know our consultants and clients! This is the only way to determine a true match. >transparency and honesty< : We are open about agreements we make with all stakeholders and operate fair fees and margins. >knowledge< : More than 20 years of experience relates to broad knowledge of the market. We know what we are talking about! And the IT world doesn't stand still - we keep diving into new technological development and are happy to share our knowledge. >partnering in finding the right solution< : We cooperate with our clients and consultants in order to get to the best result for all parties.


Information Technology and Services

Voor leden zijn de opdrachten en freelancers zichtbaar.