Solid Web Code

We help companies thrive by building LEAN & SOLID software that the customers love.

For over 15 years my passion has been helping entrepreneurs THRIVE in tech, taking their businesses, income and personal lives to the next level. I’ve been fortunate to help many companies move to a higher standard of web-development by finding and implementing innovative ways to significantly improve test automation practices, developer quality & speed and continuous integration/deployment practices even before those terms were invented. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some outstanding entrepreneurs and developers who have given me great insights into what makes good software amazing and how to get incredible results out of the people working on the code on a daily basis. Aside from my work on Solid Web Code I’m also actively working to make our Earth a greener place. With my family we live on a beautiful farm of over 5 hectares, where we have created a food-forest, several lakes and paddock paradise. We are actively engaged in creating an eco-village where every family can have at least one hectare of land as an example of a global solution for a more healthy planet and humanity as a whole. In all things I pursue continuous growth and self-organization. In Solid Web Code we have created a company culture where we actively create constant learning opportunities for both the colleagues and the company as a whole, and have cut out management layers to promote individual and collective intelligence for result-oriented and problem-solving thinking. I always enjoy meeting other growth-oriented and ambitious entrepreneurs to We are not only experts on PHP, MySQL, javascript and everything concerning web-development, but also professionals with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), several frameworks (ex Symfony 2), several CMS systems (ex Wordpress and Drupal), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), user-interface design, structural design, usability, performance, security and a lot of other experience about how to make your idea work and bring it to your customers.


Program Development

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