Emtay is technology for small businesses: a platform to help them have a proper web presence that works.

Technology for small businesses Todays mainstreet companies are facing an issue of an ever further digitalising society. Consumers are so at ease with being able to arrange anything at any given time of the day a proper web presence is a must. This implies more than a website alone, to be able to serve the customer in todays age a company needs a booking engine, database building, retention, retargeting, personalisation and so on. Bigger competitors have the budget thus can afford to incorporate these basic necessities in their marketing strategy, smaller companies often cannot. They either lack the knowledge, the time or the upfront investments. Often small businesses are completely dependent on aggregators taking a hefty commission on their gross revenue. The emtay - mainstreet technology platform is created to aid small businesses wherever on the globe in offering them a single starting point of web presence. So much more than only a website, the platform is a way to attract new customers and retain existing customers using a simplified no code approach.

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