Ron Gastrobars

Uit eten gaan moet een feestje zijn!

Ron Blaauw, chef and restauranteur, has more than thirty years of experience in the world of hospitality. In 1999 he opened his first restaurant: Ron Blaauw. He was awarded for his talent and creativity with a Michelin star in 2004. The second star followed in 2006. Until 2013 he ran Ron Blaauw restaurant with pleasure. After working on two-star Michelin level for several years, Blaauw decided it was time for a new concept, a new challenge. He changed his philosophy on cooking completely. He felt the concept of Michelin star restaurant could be quite formal and noticed that it only targeted the upscale market. Blaauw wanted great food to be available to everyone. On this note, he turned his two-star restaurant into a place where all could enjoy dishes of high quality, that are creative yet affordable: Ron Gastrobar. In the following years, he opened four more Gastrobars - each inspired by a different cuisine. The Blaauw collection continues to grow: in August 2017, Middle Eastern-inspired rooftop restaurant Nacarat opened it’s doors and is already a great succes. Ron Gastrobar Ron Gastrobar Indonesia Ron Gastrobar Oriental Downtown Ron Gastrobar Indonesiao Laren Ron Gastrobar Streetfood Ron Gastrobar SuperSoft



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